5 Tips for Safer Air Travel this Holiday Season

5 Tips for Safer Air Travel this Holiday Season

It's the holiday season, and with 80% of people 12 and up now vaccinated with at least one shot, more people are planning travel by plane to see family and friends this holiday season. If holiday travel is in your future, consider these tips to help you do so more safely this holiday season.

Avoid flying during peak hours. Build a little extra room in your travel schedule in order to avoid busy travel days, such as the day before the holiday, when planes and airports are most full. Consider booking off-hours such as later in the evening or very early in the morning. This is particularly important for those with children two years old and under who can't wear a mask. 

Be early and prepared. Arrive to the airport early so you can try to more effectively social distance during check in, baggage drop off and at security check. Make sure you are prepared before reaching security, with your cell, laptop and carry-on toiletries ready to pull out and place into the bins. Also, don't forget to review, in advance, the airline list of prohibited items.

Boost your immunity, in advance. Being immune-healthy is something you need to focus on every day. It involves healthy lifestyle choices including diet, exercise and stress reduction. It also includes all-natural immune supplements such as del-IMMUNE V® DAILY, which will help keep you immune-healthy every day,* and del-IMMUNE V® DEFENSE, to help boost your immune system* before and during travel. Lastly, the perfect travel companion is our colostrom-rich DPS Throat Spray which offers enhanced, fast-acting support.*

Wear well-fitting, high quality filtration masks. It's important to wear a high quality mask when you travel - one that will trap around 95 percent of virus-size particles when fitted to the face properly. N95, KN95 or KF94 masks are all ones to consider. Be sure to try the masks on in advance to make sure they are a good, tight fit - and travel with extra. 

Skip or delay your meal. If your flight is a short one, eat before you board the plane and try to skip meals or drinks during flight in order to avoid having to take your mask down. However, if you are on a long flight, delay eating or drinking until others around you have already done so. This will minimize your exposure when they temporarily have their masks off. 

These are just a few things to consider before you take flight. Looking for more tips on boosting your immune system? Visit our blog section here

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