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Pet Health

Our pet products were specifically designed with pets’ needs and sizes in mind. In addition to the immediate immune support of del-IMMUNE V®, our pet products include a variety of other beneficial and immune-supporting ingredients for animals including: colostrum powder, whey protein powder, oat bran, and a blend of valuable probiotics.

Max Immune Forte™ for Dogs is Five-Way Natural Immune Support for Improved Intestinal Balance. Each ingredient was selected for its specific immune maintenance characteristics. When combined, these components contribute to comprehensive immune support for all dog and cat breeds. Animals in the wild acquire beneficial probiotic bacteria from the intestinal contents of their prey. These naturally occurring probiotics, or “good” bacteria, are essential to animal health and well-being. Like humans, pets need wholesome intestinal flora to thrive and maintain a healthy digestive and immune system. A well-balanced intestinal tract can optimize an animal’s vigor at any stage of life. Complications such as persistent diarrhea, vomiting, and constipation are stressful for both pets and owners. Dietary changes, exposure to environmental stressors, a less than optimal diet, or ingestion of found substances can all contribute to gut issues in animals, leading to further reduction of health and immune function. “Digestive health issues and an imbalance or lack of beneficial bacteria are involved with health problems in at least one-third if not half of the patients that I see,” says Dr. Steve Sanderlin, DVM.

Anal Gland Relief™ provides healthy digestion and optimal bowel movements essential for "scoot" relief. It supports healthy evacuation with organic oat bran powder coupled with immediate immune support while probiotics help relieve anal gland itching. Anal Gland Relief™ is added to meals as a routine preventative. Historically, animal anal glands produced a scent that was expressed in the animals’ feces for marking territory. Animals that lived in the wild acquired fiber and essential bacteria to maintain a healthy gut. This contributed to “normal’ bowel habits and minimized anal gland issues when living in the wild. Today, most pet dogs and cats receive processed and/or artificially preserved foods. While convenient, some foods may contain less natural fiber and minimal quantities of essential probiotics to maintain a pet’s healthy gut and provide normal bowel movements. Animal nutritional literature discusses the relationship between today’s diets and pet problems that include digestion imbalances, food allergies, stress, and even back injuries that can contribute to the inflammation responsible for causing anal gland issues. The relief of anal gland inflammation and “scooting” involves encouraging healthy digestion and optimizing bowel movements that insure anal gland congestion is minimized.

Got Questions?

The metabiotic, del-IMMUNE V®, is a nutritional supplement containing cell wall fragments from a unique strain of bacteria, Lactobacillus rhamnosus. The immune system is known to respond to these cell fragments thereby activating the body’s natural immune response.

The metabiotic, del-IMMUNE V®, is a broad spectrum immune modulator that acts by regulating interferons in the immune system. This activates interleukins which stimulates production of T, B, and NK cells. This process replicates the normal immunological sequence that occurs in the body.

There are countless ways the body’s immune system can be compromised—from medical issues to stress and exhaustion, to name a few. When the immune system isn’t maximized, the body is at risk of acquiring a host of negative health effects—from the common cold and flu to life threatening ailments.

There are a small number of prescription drugs based on cell fragment biotechnology, but del-IMMUNE V® is the only non-prescription cell fragment nutritional supplement supported by clinical research on the U.S. market.

delPRO™ is a probiotic supplement which contains a blend of five essential probiotic strains that contribute to intestinal health. It contains 24 mg of the metabiotic, del-IMMUNE V®, per dose for immediate immune support.

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