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Curated Bundles

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Restore bundle contains two 120-capsule bottles of the metabiotic-infused probiotic, delPRO™
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The metabiotic, del-IMMUNE V®, is a nutritional supplement containing cell wall fragments from a unique strain of bacteria, Lactobacillus rhamnosus. The immune system is known to respond to these cell fragments thereby activating the body’s natural immune response.

The metabiotic, del-IMMUNE V®, is a broad spectrum immune modulator that acts by regulating interferons in the immune system. This activates interleukins which stimulates production of T, B, and NK cells. This process replicates the normal immunological sequence that occurs in the body.

There are countless ways the body’s immune system can be compromised—from medical issues to stress and exhaustion, to name a few. When the immune system isn’t maximized, the body is at risk of acquiring a host of negative health effects—from the common cold and flu to life threatening ailments.

There are a small number of prescription drugs based on cell fragment biotechnology, but del-IMMUNE V® is the only non-prescription cell fragment nutritional supplement supported by clinical research on the U.S. market.

delPRO™ PROBIOTIC is an all-natural, live, daily probiotic supplement that utilizes a fast-acting blend of six essential probiotic strains, the prebiotic Inulin, and the metabiotic del-IMMUNE V®.

delPRO’s powerful combination of fast-acting ingredients promotes optimal digestion, balances the gut microbiome, improves mood, and provides immune support with the help of del IMMUNE V.

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