For the past 20 years we have been a leader in metabiotic development but we have so much more on the horizon! Consumer education plays a critical role in introducing Stellar Biotics' gut and immune health products to the market and this is where you can help us! We are looking for passionate and knowledgeable ambassadors within the health & wellness community to help us spread the word about our brand and grow with us. 

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Answer a few questions about yourself to apply to join our community of immune and gut health enthusiasts.


Once your application is reviewed and accepted, we will invite you to our training program, where you will learn more about our products and the science behind them.


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Earn a commission, generate extra income, and gain industry exposure.

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Great products

You’ll have exclusive access to new products and events. 

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We stand behind the science that goes into each of our products, and we want you to as well. So you will have the opportunity to try our products, free of charge. 


Stellar Biotics was founded by leading microbiologist, Dr. Liubov Sichel. Through our training program, you will learn about the science behind “biotics” and her Cell Fragment Technology™ that differentiates our products. 


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