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What is Sinusitis? Causes, Symptoms and How to Treat It

What is Sinusitis?

More than 24 million people in the United States suffer from sinusitis: inflammation of the sinuses, which may be due to allergies, infection or autoimmune problems. By way of explanation, the sinuses are open air spaces located in bone cavities surrounding the nose. The job of your sinuses, and it’s a very important one, is to produce mucous – which is a fluid that cleans potentially dangerous particles such as bacteria out of the air you breath.

What are the Symptoms of Sinusitis?

Common sinusitis (sinus infection) symptoms are all-too familiar:

  • Headaches
  • Constant pressure near or around the nasal cavities
  • A dull and continually aching feeling throughout the cheeks, eyes and forehead
  • Congestion that makes breathing through the nose difficult and at times impossible
  • And, in many instances, stiffness of the jaw

Some people even experience bad breath from the affects of sinusitis.

Other symptoms of sinusitis may include the discharge through the nose of thick yellowish or greenish substances.  Some people may also experience fever, along with aching in their teeth, as well as fatigue, and a reduction in their sense of smell and a reduced sense of taste. Many people also say that sinusitis for them includes a persistent cough that is especially annoying during night-time hours.

These are just some of the signs that you may be suffering from sinusitis, an ailment described by the Mayo Clinic as “acute rhinosinusitis which causes the cavities around your nasal passages (sinuses) to become inflamed and swollen.”  More specifically, sinusitis involves inflammation of the mucous membranes that line the paranasal tissues, interfering with drainage and causing mucus to build up.

Acute Sinusitis vs Chronic Sinusitis: What’s the Difference?

If a sinus infection lasts more than a few days and up to a month, the condition is typically termed as acute sinusitis. When the problem persists for more than three months, it is usually referred to as chronic sinusitis. It’s also important to point out that sinusitis is not limited to any particular age group. In fact, other than children who have small or non-existent sinuses until they reach the age of five or six, people in virtually all age categories have reported that they have suffered from sinusitis and the pain associated with it.

What Causes Sinusitis?

In a large percentage of cases, sinusitis can be associated with issues involving the body’s immune system. As mentioned above, sinusitis is characterized by inflammation of the mucous membranes, many times caused by bacteria and other foreign invaders. You may already be aware that the immune system plays a vital role in keeping the body healthy by fending off bodily assailants such as bacteria. So it just stands to reason that with enhanced support for the immune system, the body would be better equipped to fight back against the inflammation…and pain…associated with sinusitis.

Immune System Support: A Way to Fight Back Against Sinus Pain and Sinusitis

Technical explanations aside, for those who are dealing with the discomfort of sinusitis there is just one word they want to hear: relief. Ready for some good news?  People throughout the United States and in many other countries have discovered that nutritional supplements have demonstrated an ability to provide immediate immune support that can lead to relief for painful sinusitis. Many doctors have also recommended taking immune system supplements to their patients as a way to battle sinus infection.

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