Metabiotic: the New Biotic on the Block - del-IMMUNE V

Metabiotic: the New Biotic on the Block

Metabiotic: the New Biotic on the Block

You've likely heard of a probiotic (especially if you've landed on our website) - and maybe even a prebiotic, but a metabiotic is a less familiar term and one of the newer biotics but worth no less attention. In fact, they are getting their fair share in recent years as more scientific research backs up the effectiveness of metabiotics, such as del-IMMUNE V. They have the ability to modulate the immune system, to prevent pathogens, to maintain gastrointestinal integrity and to eradicate various diseases. Metabiotics are revolutionizing how we treat human health and some consider them the "hidden soldiers" of the body. They sound pretty amazing, don't they? 

What is a Metabiotic?

metabiotic is the result of the natural evolution of probiotic conception. It is based on components of cells, metabolites, and signaling molecules released by probiotic strains, engineered to optimize host-specific physiological functions in a way that traditional probiotics cannot. They offer unique advantages because of their exact chemical structure. Additionally, they are very safe and have a long shelf-life. 

In recent years, the unique molecular interaction between the host and gut microbiome has been one of the most researched. They communicate between each other in the form of bioactive metabolites and signal molecules synthesized by the gut microbiome and play a vital role in the modulation of human health, and in diverse ways. They are low molecular weight molecules (LMW) with versatile chemical attributes. They possess the amazing ability to interact with the surrounding environment and control the genes for various genetic, biochemical and physiological functions necessary to maintain the homeostasis that is known as “small molecules microbes originated (SMOM) homeostasis” in the host. These metabolic signatures have close structural and functional resemblance with small molecules synthesized by host eukaryotic cells and dietary components. They may be considered as universalized metabolites contributing to the remarkable phenomenon of epigenetic regulation, cell to cell communication and stability of genome manifesting the overall growth and development of the host and known as “metabiotics.”

There are different types of metabiotics, and del-IMMUNE V is not only one of them but one of the leading metabiotics on the market. What makes del-IMMUNE V unique is that it is also a cell structural substance (muramyl polypeptides and DNA motifs), derived from the cell of a selected probiotic strain, Lactobacillus rhamnosus DV - NRRL B-68023. Scientific studies have shown that del-IMMUNE V components can interact with certain immune cells, including cells producing secretory immunoglobulin A (sIgA), interferons (IFNs) and other immune mediators, known to play a critical role in healthy immune system function. It replicates the process that occurs naturally in the human body, between healthy microbiota and immune receptors. These interactions are realized in immune signal production and helps the innate immune system immediately protect the body against all kinds of pathogens, threats, and stress.

Metabiotics are gaining tremendous momentum for all of the right reasons. We encourage you to learn more about del-IMMUNE V and about metabiotics. And, be sure to check back soon for more information as we continue to shine a light on the science behind metabiotics and how their impact on your health continues to evolve. 

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