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Staying Healthy While You Travel

Staying Healthy While You Travel

Everyone loves a vacation and why wouldn’t they? It’s a chance to get away, see new and exciting destinations and re-charge our minds and bodies.

It's also a time when we traditionally put our defenses down, when, in fact, we need to be even more conscious about protecting ourselves against pathogens and threats. 

Germs are everywhere. That's why it's so important to wash your hands and travel with sanitizers and wipes to minimize the risk of spreading and catching disease. And, before you take off be sure to check out the full CDC guidelines for domestic and international travel so you are prepared before you arrive at the airport. 

Hotel rooms, the sealed environment of an airplane cabin, cruise ships, taxi cabs, restaurants and other locations and venues commonly associated with vacation travel can provide many opportunities to pick up a bug or other illness-causing agent, and that could ruin your vacation.  Not to worry though. Your immune system is always working hard to protect you from germs and other potentially dangerous threats to well-being.

Many people have trouble with food and digestive issues when they travel.  We often try foreign and exotic foods, drink different water, sometimes over indulge, all of which can cause trouble with normal digestion. delPRO probiotic supplements contain a beneficial blend of del-IMMUNE V for immediate immune support plus probiotics that contribute to intestinal health while del-IMMUNE V can help to decrease inflammation and toxic effects while protecting your body from foreign invaders that can make you feel sick. DPS Throat Spray is perfect for helping to protect you against airborne infections during those long flights.  Just a few sprays and the main entrance for foreign bugs (your nose) will have additional protection.

Still, why not give yourself a little more peace of mind? del-IMMUNE V, delPRO and DPS Throat Spray are all designed to offer immune support, helping your immune system defend your body.

Here are a few other helpful tips and reminders to help you stay healthy while on the road.

Maintain a healthy diet.  Eat high-protein, high fiber, low carb meals that are easy to digest with plenty of fresh veggies.

Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.  Re-hydrate with water, not carbonated drinks while traveling.

Exercise. Be as active as possible to maintain proper blood circulation. Regular exercise is so important for healthy living. Just like a healthy diet, exercise contributes to good health and healthy immune systems.

Don’t skimp on your sleep. Sleep deprivation can weaken your immune system and make it more vulnerable.  Sleep also produces more natural levels of melatonin, helping to restore the immune system.

Minimize Stress. Your mind and body are closely linked and a wide variety of illnesses including hives, upset stomach and even heart disease are linked to the effects of emotional stress.

Maintain good oral health. Brushing and flossing your teeth and using a good antiseptic mouthwash before your trip will help keep bacteria away.  Remember when traveling that if the tap water isn’t good to drink then you can’t brush your teeth with it either. Use bottled water or filtered water instead.

Think before you touch and remember to bring your own pen. Germs are easily passed through hand to hand contact. Avoid touching public objects like the communal pen at the hotel, car rental location or luggage drop off.

 The best way to truly unwind during vacation is to know going into it that you are doing everything you can do to stay healthy before you depart and during your getaway. So keep these tips handy before departing, and we can guarantee they will set your mind at ease and help you enjoy a healthy summer vacation! 

Looking for daily or immediate immune support? Try del-IMMUNE V and don't forget your gut - try our daily probiotic delPRO that improves digestion, immune health and mood. 

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