36 Health Experts on #1 Way To Fight Fatigue, Boost Energy

As an immune-focused organization, we spend a lot of time sharing immune building tips to help fight against issues like the cold and the flu. However, this doesn’t mean that the cold and flu are the only health concerns that affect, and are effected by, our immune systems.

In fact, one of the most common immune-related health issues that many people suffer from is fatigue and low energy. Not only do these two things affect our productivity in our daily lives, they also directly tie in with our immune systems and overall physical and mental health.

Since we here at Stellar Biotics specialize in providing natural immune health solutions aimed to support all of our bodies’ health needs, we took on the task of learning more about how to fight fatigue and boost energy. More specifically, we wanted to find out expert tips on how to best keep fatigue at bay and what, besides the obvious step of getting more sleep, can seriously boost energy levels. To do this, we asked 36 health experts to answer this question:

“What’s the best way to fight fatigue and boost your energy (besides getting enough sleep)?”

We’ve collected and compiled their expert advice into this comprehensive guide for fatigue-fighting, energy boosting tips. See what our experts said below:

Meet Our Panel of Health Experts:

Alena Gerst

Alena Gerst is a Psychotherapist and Yoga Teacher specializing in the mind/body connection and wellness. She is also the author of “A Wellness Handbook for the Performing Artist”. She provides integrative psychotherapy and therapeutic yoga in New York City hospitals and in private practice. Learn more about Alena and her work at alenagerst.com.

One of the best ways to fight fatigue and boost energy is…

To practice “coherent breathing.”

This is a technique that has been shown to slow the breath down to approximately 5 breaths per minute. Practicing this daily, ideally for a period of 20 minutes, triggers the “relaxation response” and counters the stress response, also known as the fight-or-flight response, a state in which most of us spend the majority of our waking hours.

The practice is simple but is just that…a practice, because it is not as easy as it sounds. It boils down to about 6 seconds on the inhale, and 6 seconds on the exhale. 20 minutes can feel like a lot to start, so even starting with 5 minutes per day can have a positive and energizing effect.

Dr. Samuel A. Mielcarski

Dr. Samuel A. Mielcarski, DPT, a.k.a. “Dr. Sam”, is a licensed physical therapist and wellness consultant with over 17 years of clinical experience who has helped thousands of people overcome various health challenges using his unique approach to health and healing. Dr. SAM is an author, speaker, and retreat facilitator. Dr. SAM’s dedication to helping others combined with his sense of humor and practical health advice have made him a highly sought-after health and wellness consultant. Learn more here: DrSamPT.com.

Outside of getting enough sleep each day, one of the best ways to improve energy levels and prevent fatigue is…

To breathe efficiently. You can live days and weeks without food and water, but only minutes without air!

However, of these three important life-giving nutrients, air probably gets the least attention regarding it’s importance to human function and survival. Many people often turn outward to food and liquids to boost their energy, as opposed to turning inward to air by connecting with their breath..

When looking at any aspect of health, you should always consider what your ROI will be (ROI = Return on Investment). Would you be more likely to invest in your health if you knew the reward was going to be greater (more energy)? Well, then consider this: You breathe approximately 20,000 times per day on average. So, would it make sense that any small improvement in your breathing (x 20,000) would yield huge returns? YES, it would!

Having a simple reminder can help you learn to breathe better. Here’s one I teach my patients and clients:

“Breathe low, slow, and through the nose with lips closed.”

This reminder could be placed in several locations where you’ll see it throughout your day to help cue you to not only breathe, but to breathe correctly. “Breathing low,” means breathing from your diaphragm (lower abdomen), as opposed to your upper chest, neck, and shoulders. “Breathing slow,” means breathing deep and calmly, as opposed to shallow and quickly. “Breathing through the nose with lips closed,” means breathing through your nose, as opposed to breathing through an open mouth.

If you choose to breathe slowly, fully, and deeply into your life, you will have made a wise health invest and you will experience more energy at a whole new level!

Elaine Wilkes

Elaine Wilkes, Ph.D. is the Hay House author of highly acclaimed, award winning book “Nature’s Secret Messages: Hidden in Plain Sight”; the book that gives the best advice from your mom—Mother Nature. Learn more about Elaine and her work at www.ElaineWilkes.com.

My advice for those who want to fight fatigue and boost energy is…

When you’re fatigued, look at your last meal.

Chances are there was something in it that didn’t agree with you, or you ate too much. Certain foods can make you instantly tired. It’s all individual too. What makes one person tired, can have zero effect on another person. Gluten, dairy, wheat, and too many carbs can all contribute to fatigue, especially if people are sensitive to those foods.

Carol Michaels

Carol Michaels, MBA,ACE, ACSM is the creator of Recovery Fitness®, a cancer exercise program developed to improve recovery from cancer surgery and treatments. Carol is a nationally recognized cancer exercise specialist, consultant, author, presenter, and is on the advisory board of numerous cancer organizations. Her book, “Exercises for Cancer Survivors”, is a helpful resource for anyone undergoing cancer surgery or treatments.

One of the best ways to reduce fatigue and boost energy is through…
Exercise with proper breathing techniques.

Relaxation breathing can help reduce stress and anxiety, which can cause fatigue. When feeling stressed, we usually take shallow breaths. We need to use our full lung capacity and breathe slowly and deeply. You should be aware of your breathing as it has a calming effect. Inhale for 5 seconds and fill the torso up with air, then exhale from the lower abdomen for 5 seconds, pressing the navel in towards the spine.

Imagine all of your tension and stress leaving your body with each exhalation. Stretching with relaxation breathing reduces stress, which can increase energy levels. Stretching increases feelings of well-being because you are able to perform your daily activities more easily which conserves energy. It also may help you to decrease aches and pains, which can be energy draining.

Aerobic exercise is essential for good health. This includes any movement that elevates your heart rate. It may seem counterintuitive, but physical activity when fatigued can help decrease fatigue and help you improve your energy level. Walking can boost your energy. Every day try to walk farther until able to walk for 30-45 minutes. If this is not possible because of health issues, aim for 15 minutes one to three times a day. Try to exercise when you feel the least tired. . When you feel better, try to do more. Ultimately, exercise will help energize you.

The following are some tips to help you overcome and exercise safely even when fatigued:

  • Perform breathing, stretching, and balance exercises on the high fatigue days.
  • Exercise with a friend. A buddy can help motivate you.
  • Listen to music.
  • Break up your exercise session into smaller sessions.
  • Schedule sessions when you have the most energy.
  • Change your exercise routine so that you do not get bored.
  • Keep a journal.
  • Stay hydrated. Drink before, during and after exercise.

Amy Hendel

Amy Hendel, a.k.a. The Health Gal, is a medical and lifestyle reporter and expert, columnist and health host. Author of “The 4 Habits of Healthy Families” (BenBella Books 2010) and “Fat Families Thin Families” (BenBella Books 2008), Amy can be currently seen as host of Simple Smoothies, Food Rescue and What’s for Lunch streaming online and on select cable stations. Amy has hosted numerous lifestyle and health-related TV and radio programs, and is a recognized obesity and nutrition expert, with over 20 years in practice as a Health Coach. She has also collaborated on and hosted a number of health awareness campaigns for companies including Kraft, United Soybean Board, Nutrilite, Dial, Pfizer, 3M, NBC ivillage, and Florida 100% Orange Juice. Amy has been a featured guest expert on Today, The Early Show, Good Morning America, Marie!, Access Hollywood Live, The 700 Club and other local and national news and talk shows.

It may sound counter-intuitive but one thing that can actually fight fatigue and boost energy levels is…


In fact:

  • Exercising daily can help you to feel more “tired” at night, helping you to fall asleep and to get good quality sleep
  • Exercise has been shown to boost mental and physical energy levels
  • Exercise can help to burn off some of those extra carb calories we consume. Carbohydrates tend to cause blood sugar highs, and then plummets, which result in a feeling of fatigue

Dr. Irving A. Cohen

Irving A. Cohen, M.D, MPH is a Fellow of the American College of Preventive Medicine, and is residency-trained and Board-Certified in Preventive Medicine. He has served as Chief Resident in Preventive Medicine at Johns Hopkins University. In the past 7 years he has helped many people with either type 2 diabetes or weight issues reverse the downhill course of their disease and turn their lives around through major dietary change. He has written several books and developed an e-learning course on dietary change. Learn more about Dr. Cohen and his work at www.Learn2Diet.com.

My advice for those who want to fight fatigue and boost energy is…

To change your diet.

Changing your diet may make your brain both calmer and alert. I have many patients who are either overweight, diabetic, or suffering from the metabolic syndrome go through a lifestyle change and get their brains to operate on fat as well as sugar. Many state that they have never felt so good at and no longer suffer from mid-afternoon fatigue.

Fluctuating blood sugar levels can create both anxiety and fatigue. Very often, people are then medicated to treat the symptoms rather than the underlying cause. Those medications often worsen the problem.

In the past three decades, we have become a nation of overeaters. The combination of high-sugar and low-fat diets has been worsened by the flavor-enhancing additives added by food manufacturers. These deadly combinations make us want to eat more when we have sufficient energy. This has a profound effect on our central nervous system and behavior. Your brain is actually the organ using the greatest amount of energy when you have a sedentary lifestyle. It is quite capable of using either sugar or fat for its energy needs, but years of high-sugar diets have weakened the alternate pathways used to directly burn fat.

One way to test this is to fast for two to three days. Once your brain gets past the misery of crying out for sugar, it will begin to burn fat and you will feel a renewed level of energy, alertness, and calm.


Heather Carey

Heather Carey, M.S. is a Culinary Nutritionist who helps people make dynamic changes with their weight and health that, in turn, significantly increases energy, wellbeing and kitchen confidence. She has a background in whole foods cooking as well as a Masters Degree in Clinical Nutrition from NYU and sees people privately as well as teaches group cooking classes. Learn more about Heather and her work at www.heathercarey.com.

The single best way to fight fatigue and boost energy is to…

Make wise food choices.

Eating high fiber, high protein meals and snacks keeps your blood sugar steady. When you eat a lot of sugar and refined, processed foods your blood sugar gets jacked up and then crashes down, similar to a roller coaster. This leaves you feeling energized and the exhausted over and over again throughout the day.

Great, simple examples for meals would be oatmeal with almonds and berries for breakfast, sliced turkey and avocado on whole grain bread for lunch and grilled salmon served over greens for dinner. Same goes for snacks – an apple with almond butter or carrots with hummus are excellent choices.

Julianne Soviero

Julianne Soviero (“Coach Julie”) is a Certified Personal Trainer and the Author of “Unleash Your True Athletic Potential”. She has produced countless award-winning athletes, was part of the coaching staff that took LIU Post to the College World Series in 2011 and is always exploring new fitness trends. She was also a four-time Academic All-American and Valedictorian of her college graduating class, even though an injury nearly destroyed her career. More recently, Julianne has spent the last ten years developing her True Athletic Potential (TAP) Program. It was nothing short of an obsession that involved interviewing and shadowing some of the best coaches, athletic trainers, therapists, nutritionists and social workers that the industry has to offer.

The best way to increase energy and sleep better is…

To switch to a plant-based diet. It is also the best for heart health and weight loss.

Arielle Levitan and Romy Block

Arielle Levitan is a Doctor of Internal Medicine and Romy Block is a specialist in Endocrine and Metabolism. Together they are the Co-Founders of Vous Vitamin, an online health platform that provides Personalized Multivitamins as well as up to date information on health topics. At Vous Vitamin, customers can go online and take a detailed diagnostic survey about their diet, lifestyle, health history and symptoms. They then get a daily multivitamin that is tailored to their exact needs.

One of the most common complaints we hear both in our medical practices and from our customers at Vous Vitamin is issues with fatigue or lack of energy. In addition to a healthy lifestyle we believe that one thing that can play a key role in battling fatigue is…


Many people are deficient in iron, vitamin D and certain B vitamins. These nutrients are hard to obtain and absorb from our food supply today and even those who try to eat a healthful diet often fall short. For example Vitamin D is very hard to find in adequate amounts in food sources as it is mostly found in sunlight. Very few of us get enough exposure or absorption of it these days. Replacing the proper vitamins, depending on an individual’s exact needs, can make all the difference in feeling more energetic.

Joe Moore

Joe Moore is the VP of Sales and Marketing for the Native American Tea Company. Native American Tea Company’s tea formulas are based on the stories and legends of how the American Indian used herbal tea in their culture.

A great way to stay healthy and have more energy, naturally fighting fatigue, is…

Drinking green tea during the day.

Compared to coffee, green tea contains only a small amount of caffeine. Coffee typically has anywhere from 130 mg to 200 mg of caffeine. Green tea has about 50 mg of caffeine. Green tea contains theanine. Theanine is an amino acid that has a number of uses including reducing anxiety. When caffeine and theanine are combined the result is a very calm, smooth energy with no roller coast downfall affect.

This combination also typically results in the user having increased mental focus, a longer attention span, and better vision. Japan has believed in theanine so much that It was approved for use in foods in 1964. Since then companies in Japan have incorporated theanine into soft drinks, chocolate and cosmetics. Green tea is also packed with polyphenols which are natural plant compounds that include catechins and flavonoids. These antioxidants can minimize the aging process and prevent damage to cells caused by free radicals.

Nekeshia Hammond

Nekeshia Hammond, Psy.D. is Licensed Psychologist, Speaker, Author, and Founder of Hammond Psychology & Associates, P.A. Her private practice is dedicated to helping children, teens, families, and adults with an array of psychological services.

One great way to increase your energy and fight fatigue is by…

Doing yoga poses.

Yoga provides an opportunity to relax and increase the endorphins or “feel good” hormones in your body. It’s not as complicated as you may think. Even by taking a few moments and doing a couple of poses each day you can begin to boost your energy and positivity greatly.

Most people don’t realize that their fatigue is not only caused by physical exhaustion, but it can also be related to the overwhelming nature of mental stress. Yoga has powerful benefits to reduce your mental stress and increase your quality of life.

Amie Hoff

Amie Hoff is the President of Hoff Fitness and is a Fitness Expert based in NYC who regularly contributes to media on fitness and health tips, exercises and information. Seen on Dr. Oz, The Today Show, Good morning America, Amie thrives as a motivator, and is committed to being a role model, sharing her expert fitness and health knowledge.

As a fitness expert I am constantly asked how to increase energy, motivation and fight fatigue, and my answer is…

Exercise and drinking water will combat both low energy and fatigue.

Flushing the system with water and blood flow gets the body and mind moving. Even if you have no desire to exercise, tell yourself to go for just 10 min. That’s all. 90% of the time you’ll go longer once the body gets moving and feel good endorphins kick in. And always carry a water bottle with you, set a mobile device to tweet every 30 min to remind you to drink. Simple moves = major shifts.


Dr. Ramani Durvasula

Dr. Ramani Durvasula is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist in private practice, and a professor of psychology at California State University Los Angeles. She is also the author of “You Are WHY You Eat: Change Your Food Attitude, Change Your Life”. She is regularly featured as a mental health and wellness expert on television and news programs. You can learn more about Dr. Durvasula at www.doctor-ramani.com.

The single best way to fight fatigue and boost your energy is…


Exercise is often mis-sold as a weight loss tool (not so good for that), but once you get over the initial hump of fatigue that often does people in due to the change in routine – the energy payback can be prodigious.

When we exercise our bodies come into greater sync, we sleep better, have better immune systems (so we are less likely to get sick, and illness causes fatigue). The trick to exercise is to build it in in a way that fits your lifestyle. Many people try to do too much too fast (if you are sedentary – jumping right to CrossFit 3 times per week is not likely to work).

Build in a routine that you like, is practical, and affordable. Build up gradually, so you create the routine, and don’t discourage yourself by making it too intense and aversive. Give it 4-6 weeks to kick in, and you will find those walks, exercise classes, hikes, or whatever it is you to do to get moving – will keep you going and going.

Natalie Galyon

Natalie Galyon is a Certified Wellness Fitness Coach, Founder of GRIT, and Author of the “The Superpower Practice”.

The best way to fight fatigue and boost energy is through…


Exercise creates energy in your body by delivering oxygen and nutrients to your muscles, which help your body to work more efficiently.

Many people feel too tired to exercise, but regular exercise will make you feel less tired in the long run and you’ll have more energy. Even a 15-minute walk can give you an energy boost.

Fatigue is the most common symptom of poorly functioning mitochondria, so take it to the next level and Power Up your Mitochondria, the POWER Factories of your cells, with the right kind of exercise.

  • HIIT or High Intensity interval training -increases the efficiency and function of the mitochondria, and
  • Strength training increases the amount of muscle and number of mitochondria.

Steve Saunders

Steve Saunders is the Founder and President of Power Train and has been in the performance-coaching field for over twenty years. He has trained many top professional athletes and has great expertise in planning and implementing strength and speed programs from aspiring youth athletes to elite professional athletes.

Oftentimes, we find that our laser focus approach on working to the best of our ability leads to the others areas in our life having less attention, especially when it comes to working out. So when it comes to naturally fighting fatigue and naturally boosting your energy levels, I am a big proponent of…

The early morning workday.

And by early, I mean 4 a.m. to 5 a.m. in the morning. Working out this early does take a bit of adjustment, but leads to clarity, better focus, and more creativity once implemented. As a businessman and father of five, I focus on my fitness in the morning, and then tackle the rest of my day. It is the way I keep my goals and responsibilities organized and top of mind.

Carol Phillips

Carol Phillips is an energetic Health and Wellness Expert, Coach, Speaker, Author and Consultant with 25 years experience in the health and wellness field. She has helped thousands of people improve their health and helps companies increase their return on investment through their employee wellness programs. Carol holds degrees in Exercise Science and Health Education, graduating number one in her class and winning numerous awards. She is a certified personal trainer, a CPR and First Aid instructor, and a Smoke Cessation Facilitator. Carol was one of the State’s first Wellness Coordinators when former Governor Lynch issued an Executive Order designed to promote health and wellness to NH State employees and their families. Carol’s new book, “52 Simple Ways to HEALTH”, is available on Amazon.

When it comes to fighting fatigue and boosting energy, this is my advice:

The body was designed to move. Newton’s first law of motion states, “an object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion…unless acted upon by an unbalance force.” This also applies to exercise.
We are creatures of habit and once we make small, realistic efforts to exercise, it’s much easier to continue this healthy habit. When people add an exercise program to their lives, commonly the first benefit they notice is a decrease in fatigue and a boost in energy. This is partly because the body is getting the oxygen it needs through the increased blood flow to all parts of the body. The great news is that there are a host of additional benefits to exercise, which makes the efforts well worthwhile.

Healthy eating habits go hand-in-hand with exercise, enabling the body to feel energized by supplying necessary vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Unlike foods that lack nutrition and often contain high amounts of sugar and salt, leaving the body feeling lethargic, healthy food choices energize the body for long periods of time.

Participation in volunteer work or simply being kind to other people can give the brain an energy boost. There are several reasons for this positive result. First, when we’re helping others, we take a mental break from our own problems. Second, volunteer work often involves more physical movement, which releases the “feel good” hormones in our brains. And third, often people have a primal, natural instinct to be of service, which gives us an energizing feeling of self-satisfaction. What can you do today to fight fatigue and boost your energy level?

Ada Hung

Ada Hung is the Designer and Founder of BaliniSports, an active sportswear brand. She started her business due to her passion for living a balanced yoga life style.

I travel weekly if not more and often time the jet lag & non stop traveling exhausted me. Here are a number of things that help me fight fatigue and keep my energy levels up that I would suggest doing …

  • Take a break and do yoga for 5 minutes. For me stretching, rolling my shoulder and few minutes of inversion after warm up really help.
  • Clean diet. Nothing makes me feel worse and sleepy than a horrible meal with tons of seasoning. As much as I love Pizza and restaurant food, I do my best to stay away 80% of the time. Juice, Smoothies, Fruit, and vegetable give me way more energy than energy drinks and burger. I do eat raw 50% of the time, and the cleaner I eat, the less I feel fatigue.
  • Meditation Most of us fall asleep during meditation, but that 10-20 mins rest can do wonders. I always set alarm before I meditate, in case I fall asleep. But either way, I feel fine and ready to go again.
  • And finally, always make sure your hormone is checked.

Sheli Tinkelman

Sheli Tinkelman, MS, PA-C, RD, CCN, ABAAHP is a functional medicine nutritionist with over 20 years of experience in the healthcare field. She has a thriving practice in Farmington Hills, Michigan where she helps people regain their health through evaluation of lifestyle, environment, and genetic factors. Learn more about Sheli and her work at www.advancetobetterhealth.com.

In addition to sleep, one of the best ways to fight fatigue is with…


As far as nutrition goes, overeating is a major cause of fatigue. (Just think about Thanksgiving day!) You see, inside your cell is a little organelle called the mitochondria. The mitochondrion (plural of mitochondria) supply our body with energy in the form of ATP. When you overeat, this adversely affects energy production.

Everyone has had the experience of eating way too much and feeling tired after a meal. On a continual basis, day after day, the effects are more subtle. You are just left with feeling of being tired all the time. In addition to overeating leading to fatigue, eating too many carbohydrates can cause sugar fluctuations. The rise and fall of your blood sugar level can also lead to feeling a lack of energy.

To avoid this, avoid excess carbohydrate and be sure to include protein and fat with your meals. This will have a major impact on blood sugar stability and avoid feeling fatigued. Also, try to avoid eating 3 hours before bedtime and not eating the following day until 12 hours have passed from your last meal.

For example, lets say you finished dinner at about 6 30 pm. Try not to have anything to eat the following day until 6 30 am. (water is fine.) Try it! You may find it gives you an energy boost. This allows your cells some rest time from all the work they do in metabolizing your food. And, as a bonus, this overnight fast has been shown to activate certain genes that boost your longevity.


Mike Clancy

Mike Clancy is a Health and Wellness Expert operating a private personal training company Mike Clancy Training in Los Angeles and New York City. Mike also recently launched an outdoor workout program in L.A. called Runyon Strong. He is a certified sports nutritionist (Pn1) and has numerous personal training certifications and distinguished specialties (CSCS, RTS), including a Bachelor’s degree in exercise science. He has been published in the L.A. Times and magazines such as Shape, Prevention, World Lifestyle, Medical Daily, Kuyam, Daily Makeover, and RI Fit Magazine.

The single best way to fight fatigue and boost your energy is…

Through the power of the outdoors.

The outdoors reinvigorates our spirits, our minds, and our bodies. Hormones, energy levels, and mental function improve dramatically with a few minutes outside. The sun provides Vitamin D, which directly affects our energy levels. Light from the sun will increase your vision and focus, through the adjustment of the photoreceptors. The fresh air of the outdoors leads to better oxygen consumption, which fuels brain activity. The sounds of varying distances increases the sense of alertness. The outdoors is a natural energy booster that provides numerous health and immense amounts of happiness and relief. This is why “going for a walk” is such a powerful stress-reliever!

Fiona Patterson

Fiona Patterson is a qualified yoga, tai chi and qigong instructor who specializes in making these practices accessible within the workplace. She recently launched the Salute the Desk app to help deskbound workers incorporate mindful stretching and stress reduction techniques into their day.

One of the best ways to fight fatigue and boost your energy, besides getting enough sleep is…

Practice qigong!

This ancient art with its roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Zen and Taoist philosophy is incredibly calming, energizing and balancing. The practice of qigong involves rhythmic breathing, synchronized with slow and flowing movements and focused intention. Through qigong practice we develop a feeling for our qi. We learn to recognize tension within our body and where qi is stagnant or blocked. We also learn how to release this stagnation or blockage. This enables our qi to flow more smoothly and harmoniously through our meridian system, which enhances our body’s intrinsic ability to heal.

When breathe deeply and focus our intention, we also connect with the energy of the earth, as well as celestial energy to balance and harmonize the body’s energy system. The practice is very grounding, while opening us up to the infinite possibilities of the universe. Qigong can be practiced anywhere, and requires no special equipment. It’s the perfect pick-me-up!

Dr. Jennifer Weinberg

Dr. Jennifer Weinberg, MD, MPH, MBE is a preventive and lifestyle medicine physician, yoga instructor and the Founder of the Simple|Pure|Whole Wellness Method. She offers innovative online wellness and education programs for individuals looking for sustainable optimal health and non-toxic living as well as health care providers seeking to embrace a transformative approach to health care and corporations wanting to integrate a holistic approach to corporate wellness. Her recently released book, “The Whole Cure: 52 Essential Prescriptions to Overcome Overwhelm, Reclaim Balance and Reconnect with a Life You Love!” guides you in reconnecting with your authentic and passionate purpose and overcoming the challenges of everyday life.

While a healthy, real food diet, non-toxic lifestyle choices, adequate sleep and a balanced exercise routine can all contribute to a healthy body and daily drive, there are further considerations for cultivating long-lasting vitality that carries you through life to fight fatigue before it starts…

Our lives are so busy and filled with noise and distractions. Between racing to your next meeting, cleaning out your inbox, keeping up with social media and spending time with your family and friends, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed. You may get caught up in a reactionary state, constantly chasing your to-do list yet never feeling truly satisfied.

Amongst the busyness of life, it is important to be able to slow down, find stillness and truly listen. Living in this type of alignment also cultivates energy. When you live from a place of passionate enthusiasm, you cultivate a positive energy. Passion is energy. As you embrace who you really are instead of trying to be someone or something you are not, you tap into the natural flow of your life. From this state of flow, you become more focused and experience greater joy and a more complete immersion into your life.

The energy that you cultivate with this alignment does not wane with one bad day or from missing one yoga practice. Instead it gives you a sustained source of vigor, which radiates out from you into the world.

Annalisa Berns

Annalisa Berns, a Certified Experienced Yoga Teacher, started studying yoga in Idaho in 1998. She moved to San Diego in 1999 and completed her teacher training there. Annalisa is devoted to the practice of yoga. She especially enjoys the health benefits of yoga and believes the practice of yoga can profoundly influence personal growth. Learn more about Annalisa and her work at Big Bear Yoga.

The single best way to fight fatigue and boost your energy is…


First, yoga uses pranayama, breathing exercises which can fight fatigue and low energy levels. Most of us use only 50% of our breathing capacity.

The second way that yoga helps energy levels is with asanas, yoga poses. Stretching your body helps to improve circulation, and also helps with stress. Restful yoga poses can help with bringing down your stress level, helping you to feel restored and rejuvenated. Active yoga poses can help you feel energized, ready to take on the world! Some yoga poses and sequences help to get your heart pumping. Burning calories, reducing weight and feeling strong and toned is a sure-fire way to feel more energized.

A third way yoga helps increase energy is with meditation and practiced focus. Building the habits of focusing on what you want to helps increase energy because you can be less distracted and less likely to let unimportant things take your focus!

The fourth way is related to the “yogic lifestyle,” which isn’t right for everyone, but some pieces are very helpful. Yoga guides students with dietary, sleep and body care practices such as getting enough sleep, doing self-massage, eating vegetables and more. Taking care of our bodies is a critical step in having energy in our day-to-day lives.

Try this simple way to incorporate a yogic practice of self-care: Before bed, take a light oil like Almond Oil, and massage it onto your feet. Lower legs, hands and arms are also nice areas to apply some oil before going to bed. Put on socks if you don’t want your sheets to get any oil on them.

New to yoga and want to know how to get started? Simply search online to find a yoga class near you. There are also many online yoga classes – but in-person is the best way to learn and also benefit from the fifth way that yoga can help fight fatigue – finding a healthy community! Friends to share and find support is well-known to be important to happiness and success.

Dr. Shelley Plumb

Dr. Shelley Plumb is a podiatric physician, entrepreneur, author, certified Life Strategies Coach, prominent speaker, and CEO of PlumbTalk, Inc. PlumbTalk is a rapidly growing community dedicated to promoting a healthy lifestyle and enhancing self-esteem in individuals worldwide through its website, webinars, events and programming.

There are so many things that rob us of our daily energy. Some things are typical; while others are downright scary, threatening our very livelihood. Chronic low energy is a real problem in today’s society. The single most important way to fight fatigue and to boost energy is to…

Focus on the energy triad.

  • Apex one: Fitness and Nutrition
  • Apex two: General health
  • Apex three: Spiritual growth

Interestingly, each apex when deficient act as an energy thief; a nasty little devil that robs us of that hummingbird high we had as children. On the other hand, when all three apexes are in sync personal energy climbs to vibrant levels.

I am convinced that the key to hummingbird high energy levels is to identify the issue: Is it fitness and nutrition? Is it general health? Is it spiritual? Make a change. YOU can make a change today! A change that is consistent. Sometimes a worthwhile shift takes a bit of effort or persistence.

Briana Michel

Briana Michel is a Holistic Nutrition Coach, Fitness and Nutrition Spokesmodel and creator of 90 Days to Thrival, with over 13 years in the healthy living industry. She is the behind the scenes expert and program creator for many of the jaw dropping TV infomercial body transformations you see both nationally and internationally. Learn more about Briana and her work at www.BrianaMichel.com.

The best way to boost energy and reduce fatigue symptoms is…

Up your salt intake!

Sound surprising? Between hectic schedules, stress, over processed foods, sugary and caffeinated beverages and most of us being incredibly magnesium deficient and dehydrated we need to replenish our body with more than just water. Often low energy and fatigue are a lack of electrolytes and minerals.

Without proper electrolyte balance our muscles cannot effectively do their important job, our brain becomes hazy, our blood thickens, our heart has to pump harder and our chemical signals for bodily functions become impaired! Magnesium helps your heart maintain its normal rhythm. It helps your body convert glucose (blood sugar) into energy, and it is necessary for the metabolization of the micronutrients calcium and vitamin C, so without sufficient intake and stores, we run into major energy problems.

One simple way to regain balance and fight fatigue is to salt your whole foods with SEA SALT or CELTIC SALT – NOT table salt, which is devoid of minerals and electrolytes. Sea salt which is rich in key minerals and those wonderful electrolytes will actually help you balance fluids and not retain excess water like table salt does.

Take your health a step further and reduce your processed foods, which are almost always off the charts in junky table salt. Sip on clean water (water that has not sat in plastic bottles!) throughout the day as well as boost your vegetable intake; especially your greens (vegetables are water packed and help you use the water you are taking in on a more cellular level – again boosting energy and balancing fluids instead of retaining water and bloating!)


Dr. Gino Tutera

Dr. Gino Tutera, MD, FACOG, who is now in his 40th year of practice as an ob-gyn specializing in menopause and andropause, has helped thousands of women and men fight fatigue and restore their energy levels through his innovative BioCalc system of subcutaneous bio-identical hormone pellets precisely dosed to suit each patient’s individual needs. Studies show that bio-identical hormone pellet therapy safely boosts energy and vitality. Learn more about Dr. Gino and his work at www.SottoPelleTherapy.com.

Most doctors simply tell their weary patients to slow down, eat right and get more rest. Such good advice often fails to address the real root of the problem and offers no viable support to help restore energy levels back to normal. Instead, one of the most common yet overlooked causes of fatigue is…

Hormonal imbalance. Hormones play a major role how you feel throughout the day and low energy often results when there is an imbalance which can occur at any age.

Think of your hormones like the remote control for your TV, enabling you to switch channels and adjust volume, brightness, picture quality and other important functions. Estrogen and testosterone act as biochemical messengers, communicating with each other to fine-tune your physiology and energy similar to the way your remote control changes the settings on your TV. Fatigue hits women particularly hard during due to constantly fluctuating female hormones. Men are dragging behind too as testosterone levels take the plunge, reducing their normal endurance and stamina.

Correcting hormonal imbalances with safe, natural approaches like bio-identical hormone pellets represents the single best way to restore normal energy levels.

Camilla Carboni

Camilla Carboni is the Founder of It Starts With Health, a brand of Create-The-Dream Academy, the Co-Founder of The Paleo Pact and the Co-Author of the best selling book, “PALEO Cleanse”. Learn more about Camilla and her work at camillacarboni.com.

The best way to fight fatigue and boost your energy, besides getting enough sleep, is…

Eating an Ancestral Diet that enables the body to easily digest food and quickly turn nutrients into energy. The key to promoting easy digestion is to eliminate grains, legumes, dairy and refined-sugar from your diet, or at least keep your intake of those foods to a minimum.

Juhea Kim

Juhea Kim is a yoga, fitness and nutrition expert and the Founder and Editor of Peaceful Dumpling, a vegan network dedicated to peaceful eating and inspired living. She is also a health contributor for the Huffington Post.

The single most important thing I’ve done to boost my baseline energy level over the years is…

Drink enough clean, filtered water every day.

This affects your whole sense of wellness, both physically and mentally. Not getting enough water can cause chronic fatigue, frequent infections, fogginess, and even depression. Many people think water is boring, but not if you make drinking water a self-care ritual. Try starting the day with a tall glass of water with a squeeze of fresh lemon.

Throughout the day, take a break and sip water slowly and mindfully just as you would do with food. In between meals, satiate your cravings with savory detox tea. After workouts, I love to hydrate with raw coconut water, too. You’ll be amazed at how much more energy you get from making this simple change. you might also lose a few pounds and see improvements in your digestive system, too.

Rebecca Niziol

Rebecca Niziol is a certified life coach, yoga & meditation teacher, and breakthrough specialist who strives to inspire women to stop chasing and start living their dream. Rebecca brings positivity to whatever she does and she is known for her innovative approach to supporting others in times of uncertainty, change, and stress. Learn more abot Rebecca and her work at rebeccaniziol.com.

If you’re looking to boost your energy and overcome fatigue and stress…

Meditation is the answer.

It is the single practice that has changed my life more than anything else over the past years. Ten to 15 minutes a day can create a dramatic increase in your overall energy levels, health, and mindset. As little as three minutes can wipe clean the heaviness of a bad day giving you a fresh start any moment you choose.

Most people think meditation is about clearing your mind. That’s not really ever going to happen unless you’re dead. Instead, meditation is about observing and focusing the mind. Think about a boat sailing out on the ocean. On calm days the boat sails smoothly. On windy, choppy days, the boat is tossed and turned in the turbulence. The mind is a lot like the boat, and the waves are our thoughts. Meditation is like diving under the water. You can see the waves above, but they don’t affect you as much. It’s calm down there. Eventually you’ll have to come back up to the surface, but the more time spent under the water, the more peace you experience. The same with meditation: the more time you spend in a meditative state, or observer mindset, the more relaxed you’ll be. Life continues to happen, thoughts continue to flood the mind, and yet they don’t have control over you. Practice observing your thoughts without judgment, that’s meditating. You’ve already begun.

Yoga Nidra, or conscious sleep yoga, is my new favorite way of meditating. There’s no wrong way to meditate… try it out and figure out what works for you!

Cha Tekeli

Cha Tekeli is a Breakthru coach and Kundalini yoga teacher who injects optimism and confidence to guide you to an enlightened and enthusiastic self. Learn more about Cha and connect with her at Linkedin.

My go-to fatigue and stress-buster is…

Meditation. Amazing by-products of meditation are increased levels in energy as well as better sleep.

While your mind may be doing cardio and wandering all over the place when you’re meditating, you are literally physically very still. This juxtaposition of your physical body (stillness) and your mental mind (moving) creates an interesting intersection. Your mind eventually slows down. With continuous practice, you can actually relax your mind and be the witness of your thoughts versus engaging with them as we are conditioned to do. In meditation, thoughts come and go. You learn that you do not have to engage with them or ‘fix’ them. You can simply acknowledge thoughts as being there, and get back to focusing on your breath or a mantra (my preferred method, which I teach in Kundalini yoga).

A regular meditation practice helps you fight fatigue because you are activating your pineal gland. When the pineal gland is dormant, the mind goes out of balance. Mediation brings you back to re-balance and you begin to build your meditative or ‘neutral’ mind. This in turn affects your daily life and activities.

You find that you can remain in a more aware state-of-mind during the day, even when stress shows up on your doorstep. You don’t react as you might have; you pause, take a breath, and can look at the situation with a different perspective.

Being able to affect the pineal gland is no small feat. The pineal gland plays a central role in the circadian system (your body’s “master clock’). You are stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system (the rest and digest part of the ANS) and you’re releasing stresses from everyday. Stress is known to be the #1 contributor to poor health, disease, lack of sleep and fatigue. Meditation is one of the best methods for a one-two punch on combating both these detrimental ailments.

Shari Czar

Shari Czar is the Author of “Reducing Stress in Your Everyday Life In as Little as Sixty-Seconds” and Founder of Infinite Heart Space LLC. Shari teaches individuals techniques to reduce stress so they can lead healthier, happier, more present lives. Shari began teaching yoga and meditation classes in 2000. In addition to leading weekly classes, Shari speaks and leads workshops on gratitude, relaxation techniques, and various wellness topics. Shari is a certified registered yoga instructor (RYT-200) in Kripalu Yoga, a form of Hatha Yoga, and Five Element Yoga. Learn more about Shari and her work at www.ShariCzar.com.

The single best way to fight fatigue and boost your energy is…

By deepening your breath.

Often when we are stressed or busy taking care of daily life activities we take shallow and quick breaths. When our bodies have insufficient oxygen our energy levels our lowered resulting in feeling tired and rundown. The breath is both a voluntary and involuntary action, so we can teach ourselves how to take deeper breaths to help increase oxygen levels, lower blood pressure and increase our energy.

Practicing the Three-Part Breath, otherwise known as the Deerga Breath, is a great way to train the body to deepen the breath. To begin, sit up coming to a straight spine, and invite the shoulders to drop down and back. This opens the chest to allow the breath to move more freely through the body. As you breathe in through the nostrils, fill your belly with breath. Continue to breathe in more air, expanding your rib cage.

Just when you think you have no more space in the body for the breath, inhale a little deeper into the top of the chest. You have now brought breath into the three areas of the lungs. When you exhale, let the breath release through the nostrils, first from the chest, then the rib cage and finally push all the air out of the belly. Repeat the breath a number of times. As you continue to practice the Deerga Breath you may find that you naturally begin to take deeper breaths, and it is a tool you can turn to it during your day when you are feeling low on energy or stressed.


Peter Friis

Peter Friis Founder & CEO of ESSIO, the world’s first aromatherapy diffuser for the shower. ESSIO works with virtually any shower to diffuse 100% organic essential oils into the shower for the first time.

We have done a lot of research on this topic. As you mentioned, getting adequate sleep is definitely the most important thing someone can do to fight fatigue since your body will naturally replenish its energy. However, we have also found amazing results from…

Using essential oils such as peppermint and eucalyptus, which help awaken and revitalize the mind and body.

For example, studies have shown that peppermint increases noradrenaline, a hormone and neurotransmitter that helps invigorate the body by increasing heart rate and releasing glucose from energy stores. It also increases the brains oxygen supply. These factors combined reduce the effect of fatigue.

Because ESSIO is experienced via the warm steam of the shower the molecules from peppermint and other such essential oils are more easily absorbed into the body.

Amanda Campbell

Amanda Campbell is a Holistic Health Practitioner and the Owner of Consciously Holistic. She specializes in energy work and working with women. It is a strong belief of Amanda’s that healing starts from within and she provides many services to help her clients on their journey to well being.

My three favourite ways to fight fatigue are:

1: Yerba Mate tea – however this has a touch of caffeine‎ in it.

2: After your morning shower, apply peppermint. It’s not advised to rub this directly on your skin as it can cause irritation so try a natural cream with Peppermint essential oil. The combination of the shower and the peppermint sends signals to your brain, which energizes your body.

3: Stretches – regular stretches throughout the day promote blood flow, which keeps your body feeling less fatigued. Try to keep moving throughout the day, even doing 5-10 jumping jacks will give you a huge boost in energy.

Syd Hoffman

At age 50, Health and Wellness Educator, Award-Winning Author (“All-Day Energy: 100 Ways to Boost Your Energy…Now!”) Syd Hoffman, set off to explore the world and then came home and created a fitness center for people of all ages and sizes. You can find her exercising daily and teaching health and wellness immersions, retreats and workshops. Learn more about Syd and her work at www.sydhoffman.com.

I have 100’s of them in my book, but here are my favorite ideas for boosting energy and fighting fatigue…

1) Eat more fruits and veggies. Eating LIVE foods makes you feel more ALIVE. Start your day with a glass of fresh green juice or a delicious smoothie.

2) More your body. 10 min creates 2 hours of instant energy! Too busy? Try something as simple as doing lunges while you tall on the phone.

3) Buy yourself flowers.

Jillian Lama

Jillian Lama is the Director of Public Relations for Mind + Matter, a nutritional consulting company in Arlington, VA. Mind + Matter provides nutrition and lifestyle programs for clients who want to enhance their mental and physical performance or improve body composition. This work grew out of studies done for the Department of Defense and National Institute of Health on human performance optimization over the last 5+ years.

One of our primary goals is to create a lifestyle for clients that naturally increases energy, and one of the most significant aspects is…

Regulating blood sugar levels.

Not only do we focus on what you’re eating, but when you’re eating it, to boost mental and physical performance. Most often this can be achieved by eating smaller meals more frequently throughout the day, rather than 2-3 large meals, which cause a spike and subsequent crash in blood sugar.

We also look to pair foods together to limit the spike of certain foods, like fruit, by incorporating a little fat and protein, for example fresh fruit with greek yogurt mixed with protein powder.

Kathleen Lisson

Kathleen Lisson is a RRCA certified running coach and half marathon runner in San Diego, CA. Learn more about Kathleen at www.extraedgesandiego.com.

The single best way to fight fatigue and boost energy is…

Change into your workout clothes and exercise!

It may seem counter-intuitive, but running and other forms of active exercise have been proven to reduce fatigue. Lacing up your running shoes and getting the blood flowing is a great way to release all the stress and tension from a busy day and give you energy to spend quality time with your family in the evening.


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