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A Veterinarian's Perspective on Immune Support for Pets

Health issues in animals are often the result of an underlying compromised and depressed or low immune system. So, in addition to targeted treatment, products that offer immune support are key.

I’m happy to report that del-IMMUNE V offers enhanced immune support for varied animal health issues, whether fungal, bacterial or viral and is effective in treating pets.

With Del-Immune V, we see a faster recovery rate because it modulates and balances, rather than over-stimulates the immune system. It benefits those animals with hyper-sensitivities, and can help balance an over-active immune system.

del-IMMUNE V is ideal for immune support with many treatment protocols, and I have never observed side-effects from the product. I use it to support the immune system adjunctively during treatments including: cancer, ear and eye infections, respiratory tract infections and skin conditions, to name a few.

My best results, however, are dose-related. For general maintenance in puppies and cats, I use half of a 25mg capsule to a full capsule twice a day. For acute immune issues, smaller animals receive up to four capsules a day. With adult cat and small dogs, I suggest one to two capsules daily for maintenance, and up to six a day for immune support during acute problems. Medium and large dogs can have two capsules a day for maintenance and six to eight capsules a day during acute illness. I give very large dogs two Del-Immune V a day for maintenance, and up to four capsules twice a day during acute illness. Users can reduce doses after about two weeks.

del-IMMUNE V is cost effective and gives a big return for a small investment in a pet’s health.

Steve Sanderlin, DVM, is a veterinarian with holistic animal training. Dr. Sanderlin practices in Boulder, Colorado, and attended veterinary school at Texas A&M.

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