Support Your Pet's Health

The benefits of del-IMMUNE V® don’t just extend to the human members of the family. For over a decade, veterinarians have acknowledged the benefits of del-IMMUNE V for pet health as well. Pets face many of the same challenges as humans when it comes to immune system function and health. So it’s only natural that for the same reasons our human customers turn to del-IMMUNE V, they trust us for the furry members of their families. Our collection of pet products—from CBD Immune Plus™ to Max Immune Forte™—all feature the active ingredient del-IMMUNE V to help keep your four-legged loved ones healthy.

CBD Immune Plus™: Developed for pet owners and veterinarians, CBD Immune Plus™ is our exclusive nutritional supplement formula in pull-apart capsule form, that pairs CBD (cannabinoid) from hemp oil with del-IMMUNE V for immediate immune system support. Hemp oil is proving to be of great value for pets suffering from arthritis, seizures, anxiety, pain, skin problems, and many other medical issues.

Max Immune Forte™: When newborn pets don’t receive their mother’s milk for an adequate period or when vaccines are injected before their immune system is ready, pets can face a lifetime of medical issues, vet visits, and discomfort. Max Immune Forte™ contains del-IMMUNE V for immediate immune support, probiotics for gut health, and Beta-Glucan to increase immune defense.

Anal Gland Relief™: Stop or dramatically reduce dog and cat scooting with this natural supplement. This product contains del-IMMUNE V for immediate immune support and to reduce inflammation, probiotics for a healthy digestive system, and 100% pure organic oat flour to calm bowel issues and provide optimal digestion.

Pet Stress Relief™: Stress in pets is caused by anything from change in routine to nutrition issues. Pet Stress Relief™ contains del-IMMUNE V for immediate immune support, inflammation reduction, and health maintenance.