Metabiotics in molecular nutrition: history and practice

Authors: Julia Bazarnova, Svetlana Eliseeva, Nadezhda Zhilinskaya, Natalya Barsukova, Ekaterina Aronova, and Aleksey Korzh
Year: 2020
Publication: EDP Sciences 

AbstractThe human microbiota is formed under the influence of external factors, among which a healthy diet plays a key role. The modern people microbiome changes under human eating behavior, stressful factors, agricultural industrialization, increased environmental load, and alimentary disease risks. The human gut microbiome is recognized as the most important biological interface between human genetics, environment, and lifestyle. Nutrition science is entering a new era of targeted action on the body's metabolic activity through the formation of a healthy microbiome, taking into account men individual nutritional characteristics. The paper presents the design of healthy food product technologies, the molecular concept of food engineering and molecular gastronomy, their relationship with traditional cooking and modern cuisine. Much attention is paid to the description of main components and directions of modern molecular gastronomy development, innovative technologies, and ingredients. The role of dietary fibers, prebiotics and probiotics for the normalization of gastrointestinal tract is indicated from the position of the adequate nutrition theory. Some scientific studies on probiotic and metabiotic effects on gut microbiome are described. Modern advances in food biotechnology allow us to obtain symbiotic microbiological culture consortia for new healthy food product manufacture including molecular gastronomy technologies.

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