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Brain Immune Gut™ (B.I.G.) is a cognitive metabiotic gummy supplement that calms the mind and enhances brain vitality, protects and strengthens the immune system, and balances and soothes the gut.* Powered by the leading metabiotic, del-IMMUNE V®, it offers BIG benefits to the brain, immune system and gut.* Intended to be taken daily, B.I.G. is a unique blend of all natural ingredients:

B.I.G. benefits start here...



Brain Immune Gut™ (B.I.G.) is infused with the highest quality, and most well-studied Ashwagandha on the market, KSM-66®, proven to promote clarity and reduce stress.



Brain Immune Gut™ (B.I.G.) features del-IMMUNE V®, the leading metabiotic for immediate immune support* along with Zinc and Vitamin D3 for added immune-boosting benefits.

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Brain Immune Gut™ (B.I.G.) contains all-natural digestive enzymes to help calm the digestive and gastroenterological systems and create a balanced microbiome.

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