Employment of Probiotics and PCF Biotechnology as an Ideal Crises Management Tool for Current Health Problems

Authors: Liubov Sichel, Nditange Shigwedha, Lanwei Zhang, Li Jia
Year: 2014
Publication: Journal of Biosciences and Medicines

AbstractAt present, probiotics, paraprobiotics, and probiotical cell fragments (PCFs) deserve to be used in food, beverages, and pharmaceutical products as health restorative ingredients. By increasing their respective amounts in either upper air passage or gut, they consistently exert health benefits to the host and regulate local immune reactions without negative side effects or digestive complications. Chronic diseases that can be simply treated include common allergies (food allergy, bronchitis, hay fever, and asthma), celiac disease, diabetes and low-grade inflammations, colonic cancer, and Alzheimer’s diseases. Other daily discomforts such as depression, general cognitive decline, memory loss, chronic pain, and general muscle fatigue appeared to have been influenced by these target-specific probiotical formulations. A combination of different probiotic strains demonstrated positive results in 85.5% cases of chronic tonsillitis and 90% in maxilloethmoidal sinusitis. PCFs of several lactobacilli and bifidobacteria demonstrated strong immune balancing activities, anti-tumor, anti-inflammation, anti-mutagenic activities, anti-allergy, detoxification, and radioprotective potency. The combined effects in this review enable selective probiotics and PCFs as a practical tool box for clinical application in the prevention and adjunctive treatment of current health problems in the human history.

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