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Unlocking Nature's Defense: Antibiotic Alternative


In recent decades, the global healthcare community has dubbed the alarming rise of antibiotic resistance one of the most pressing threats to human health. With traditional antibiotics being misused, they lose their effectiveness and often cause secondary issues like nausea, diarrhea, and candidiasis (yeast infection) due to the resulting imbalances of flora in different areas of the body. Attempting to combat a pathogen and ending up with a highly uncomfortable oral or vaginal yeast infection simply replaces one problem with another, resulting in patients feeling defeated in their endeavors to improve their overall health. Most people have had to take antibiotics for one reason or another, so these unpleasant side effects are an all-too-familiar experience. 

To contend with this epidemic, medical researchers are striving to explore novel solutions against pathogens with fewer drawbacks associated with traditional antibiotic use. One of these solutions is the use of antimicrobial agents of natural origin. Enter del-immune V®, the main ingredient in Stellar Biotics’s line of all-natural supplements and the subject of a 2023 pre-clinical study by Penchuk et al. outlining its antimicrobial activity. 

  • del-immune V®, which contains cell wall and DNA fragments from Lactobacillus rhamnosus DV, is a supplement that supports the immune system in its fight with infections and other treatments, and balances the gut microbiome.* It is classed as a metabiotic, a newer class of biotherapeutic agents. Unlike probiotics, metabiotics do not rely on live bacteria to exert their effects. This unique quality allows immunocompromised patients to use metabiotics while avoiding potential risks.  
  • At Stellar Biotics, we use Cell Fragment Technology™, a proprietary method replicating a natural bodily process, to take the most beneficial parts of probiotics and derive metabiotics. Even though our body naturally releases small quantities of metabiotics in the gut from our own microbiota and consumed probiotics and fermented food, del-Immune V is an external source that helps our body to regulate immune function more effectively.

In the Penchuk et al. study, del-immune V® was tested against bacterial and yeast test cultures and was additionally found to have antibacterial and antifungal properties during direct contact with pathogenic agents. But how exactly does del-immune V® work so effectively against microorganisms like bacteria and yeast? 

  • On the level of the immune system, del-immune V® first helps to identify pathogens like bacteria, viruses, and fungi, then provides immediate broad-spectrum immune support by prompting the production of mediators required for proper fighting with a particular infectious agent, immune function and balance. 
  • With the gut microbiota, del-immune V® works as a prebiotic to support growth, balance and heal the microbiome by creating a friendly inner environment, replicating a natural process between microorganisms and immune receptors. Specifically, del-immune V® heals cells in the gut, decreases gut inflammation, increases intestinal defenses, and promotes the growth of beneficial gut microorganisms. The fact that del-immune V® works its magic in the gut is crucial, as the gut is home to the center of human immune activity and enteric nervous system as well.  


Excitingly, the Penchuk et al. study shows that there is promise for Stellar Biotics to release a new, topical form of del-immune V® that, along with support of the local immune system, would directly impact infectious agents on the skin, as well as the oral and vaginal regions. Notably, researchers found del-Immune V® to be very effective against Candida yeast—the very same genus of fungus responsible for the most common human yeast infections, often caused by traditional antibiotics. This new topical product line can be used on skin areas vulnerable to infection, such as diabetic skin ulcers, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, and much more. Even with a simple cut or burn, topical del-Immune V® could be helpful in speeding up wound healing. Along with the original encapsulated form, the topical form of del-immune V® may replace or enhance the effectiveness of some antibiotics while avoiding all the hostile side effects.* 

With its remarkable benefits to overall well-being and its designation as Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) and recognized by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration for use “for immediate immune support,“ it’s no wonder that del-immune V® is the leading non-prescription metabiotic supplement backed by clinical research on the U.S. market. It demonstrates comprehensive support capabilities and is trusted by customers in 80 countries across the globe. This innovative supplement may just be nature’s answer to a worldwide public health crisis, and it’s certainly a great way to take care of your health on multiple fronts! 

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