Probiotics in Intestine are Critical to Effective Immune System Response

With all the opportunities there are to get sick, it’s important that we protect ourselves in every possible way. Any comprehensive health strategy should include the digestive system — a majority of human immune activity (some studies estimate as much as 70%!) occurs in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract.

The intestine is home to a list of good bacteria (over 1,000 species) each with specific functions that contribute to maintaining health. Some GI bacteria make vitamin B-1; others help make enzymes needed for digestion. These are known as friendly bacteria, or probiotics. Ongoing research of priobiotics’ role in immune function began in about 1960.

Priobiotic cells are like tiny factories. Within and surrounding each of the cells and their walls are microscopic biological substances.

Many of these biological functions are not available for use until the cell is broken and its contents are exposed to the intestine.

This breaking apart of cells is called “lysing,” and the resulting products are called “lysates.” This process occurs naturally in the lower end of our small intestine and the beginning of the large intestine. Biochemical substances called muramyl peptides then become available to initiate an immune response. Extensive research has demonstrated that muramyl peptides — perform the following important tasks:

  • Stimulation of non-specific resistance to bacterial, viral and parasitic infections
  • Stimulation of antibodies when used with an antigen, like a vaccine
  • Enhancement of natural killer cell activity in viral infections
  • Believed to increase resistance of respiratory tract mucosa to bacterial and viral infections
  • Modulate the immune response, which means stimulating activity when needed and becoming inactive when not needed

When consumed, the delPRO Probiotics for immune health deliver the active substances directly to the stomach and the immune response is quickly launched, triggered by muramyl peptides. To find out more about how del-IMMUNE V® works, click here.

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