Del-Immune V® Supplements the Health of American Troops in Iraq - del-IMMUNE V

del-IMMUNE V® Supplements Health of American Troops in Iraq

In Fall of 2007, we met a young Special Forces soldier and his team who were using del-IMMUNE V to stay healthy during training, and later in Iraq. We made a commitment to keep this young soldier and his team supplied with del-IMMUNE V during their tour of duty in Iraq. For security reasons, we’re calling this soldier “Todd”. After returning home to Colorado, Todd was happy to share his experience in Iraq with us.

He returned to the U.S. on June 1, 2008, and is now attending the University of Colorado, earning a degree in International Relations.

While in Iraq, Todd’s unit was a Special Forces team called Operation Detachment Alpha. Todd’s team has been together for 10 years—he joined them in 2005. “I was a demolitions expert,” he said. “When we came across ammunition dumps, for example, I would blow them up. We also helped Iraqis build things like wells, toilets and domestic infrastructure.”

Todd explained that there were 12 people on his team. We made sure Todd had a steady supply of del-IMMUNE V for himself and any of his team members who wanted it. “The only time I was sick was when I first arrived,” he recalled. “I think my body reacted to everything in the air. There was a huge amount of industrial pollution along with thick dirt and dust from the desert.”

Todd began by taking four capsules of del-IMMUNE V four times a day and reported feeling better within a few days. “After that I never got sick again, “ he said. He added that some other team members didn’t take the product until they were sick. “The guys that took it got over colds faster, or had a faster recovery from getting sick from eating bad food.”

“We wore 60 pounds of body armor and carried about 100 pounds of gear.” He added that he depended on del-IMMUNE V as much as his gear for protection. “It was cold where we were. A lot of guys got sick, but the ones that took Del-Immune V got better quickly. I never got sick.” Todd even made believers of many of the army doctors who began taking it after Todd told them about his experience with the product.

Todd is currently working three jobs and taking a full course load and still depends on del-IMMUNE V to keep him healthy with his packed schedule. In the meantime, he is regularly called out for special military missions, and said that since he returned from Iraq he’s been to Nepal, Thailand and Slovenia. Todd added that he may be deployed to Afghanistan within the next year. “With Del-Immune V, I can handle my workload and still stay well after overseas travel that comes on short notice,” he said.”


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