Small Ways to Make You (and Your Health) a Priority in the New Year

Small Ways to Make You (and Your Health) a Priority in the New Year

The New Year brings a fresh start, and many times people use it to renew their commitment to healthy living. A healthy lifestyle, however, requires a lot of discipline, an investment of time and a fresh perspective. It also involves a willingness to change which is no easy pill to swallow (no pun intended).

We think the best way to approach your wellness goals is to start small and build your way up to achieving success. Here are some tips to help set you on the path for Stellar Health in the New Year. 

Make a list. A good plan always starts with a list. What do you want to achieve in the new year? What resources do you need? Can you find a friend or family member to collaborate? Do you have all the tools you need to help reach your goals?

Determine a baseline for your health. Schedule your physical and start the year with a roadmap to help you determine how you may need to modify your diet, how much exercise you should add (or subtract) to your day, what supplements you need to support your health, etc. It’s also wise to make sure all your other annual medical tests and exams are scheduled and on the calendar. Prevention is key when it comes to your health.

Start a journal. Chronicle your experience, your emotions your setbacks and your success. Journaling offers the opportunity to not just organize, schedule and track your goals, but offers a therapeutic, stress-relieving process! While journaling, take time to write down some of the things you are thankful for – gratitude also offers big health benefits, and it will help motivate you.

Make sure your head is in the game. Being mindful and having peace of mind are so important in general but especially when you are setting out on a new goal or set of goals. Journaling, as noted above, will help, but there are other things too that will help you gain clarity, including exercising (see below), meditating, finding ways to relax and unwind and supporting your gut (remember the gut-brain axis?!).

Find ways to build exercise into your day. Exercise and wellness go hand-in-hand, that’s why it’s so important to fit it into your schedule. Small, strategic workouts are key, so maybe it’s a 25-minute at-home or in-studio class, a walk during lunch, or an evening bike ride (in- or outside!). Find a buddy if you need the added motivation, or schedule a class if you need something defined on your calendar! Everyone operates differently when it comes to exercise, so determine what form and when will work best for you and get moving!

Get your supplements in order. There’s no question that a multi-vitamin is a necessity for everyone – no matter what age or stage of life - but we would argue the same is true when it comes to immune and gut health support. Consider a daily metabiotic for immune health like del-IMMUNE V® DAILY, and a daily probiotic like delPRO™ for digestive health. Here is a list of some other supplements that may benefit your health – including vitamin D - and be sure to discuss what vitamins and minerals you may be lacking during your annual exam!

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Work towards making better food choices. We intentionally didn’t suggest changing your diet. The word diet has so many negative connotations, and we want you to focus on making small modifications and choices. If you love butter, use less. If you use two teaspoons of sugar in your coffee, use one. If you love pasta, reduce how often you eat it or try a whole grain version. These are just some examples, but there’s tons of research out there about what you should eat and if a total revamp isn’t in the cards, start small. Your physical and regular communication with your doctor will help you determine how best to manage what you consume, but small modifications will yield big benefits!

This New Year, look for opportunities to make your health a priority and your wellness goals a reality. We guarantee that the key to doing so is making the process manageable and doing so, one small step at a time.

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