Enhancing the Immune System: One Doctor’s Convincing Story

Dr. Elin Ritchie is a Board Certified Specialist in Family Practice and is also certified as a specialist in Integrative Medicine. Eight years ago, Dr. Ritchie’s 6-week old baby broke out in a rash and the doctor diagnosed the condition as chicken pox. Within hours of the diagnosis Dr. Ritchie gave the baby an immune system support supplement called del-IMMUNE V®.

The next day, the rash was gone and the baby was over the chicken pox. As you might imagine, this was an eye opener for the doctor and not surprisingly she has been using and recommending del-IMMUNE V supplements ever since. Her experience with the product not only spans 8 years but also includes over 2,000 patients. And Dr. Ritchie is not alone. Many other doctors have also recommended the product to their patients.

You may be wondering, why has del-IMMUNE V become such a popular nutritional supplement among physicians? Before we answer that question, it’s important to know a thing or two about the immune system, which is the body’s natural defense against foreign invaders such as germs that can lead to illness. Upon detecting an invader, the immune system goes to work battling the invading substances in an effort to avoid sickness.  However on its own, the body could take five to ten days to complete this process and in some instances that might be too late to avoid illness.

Anecdotal reports have indicated that del-IMMUNE V, the culmination of more than 50 years of research by renowned scientists and medical researchers, may be pivotal in acting as an immune system booster to speed human immune response – thereby providing the potential to enhance the body’s own ability to do battle with illness-causing invaders.

del-IMMUNE V generally starts working in 6 hours or less, activating switches in the immune system called “cytokines” that alert the body to the presence of a potentially dangerous invader, ultimately leading to the simulation of protective white blood cells.

“Personally, I take del-IMMUNE V every day and really have not had an infectious illness in several years,” says Dr. Ritchie. “You can imagine what I am exposed to, seeing patients in the ER with documented flu, strep, pneumonia…I wouldn’t consider going to work without taking it before leaving the house!”

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