Avoid Getting Sick on Your Summer Vacation

For many people, summer vacation means travel and that can mean airplanes which are breeding grounds for illness-causing bodily invaders. Indeed, Independent Traveler magazine has stated that travelers “may be more than 100 times as likely to catch a cold on a plane as in your normal daily rounds.” And that’s not all. When you think about the germs that might be present in the average hotel room or rental car… well, you get the picture.

You may already know that your body’s immune system is designed to do battle with viruses, germs and other invaders that can compromise wellness. But did you know that the body can actually take up to 10 days to complete its process of defense against various types of foreign invaders? By then, your vacation could be ruined.

The good news is, thousands of people have discovered a nutritional supplement called del-IMMUNE V® that has demonstrated an ability to trigger activators in the immune system and assist the body in responding faster to threats of illness. In fact, research has indicated that Del-Immune V and delPRO probiotic supplements acts as a first responder to perform the vital task of providing immediate immune system support, usually in 6 hours or less.

“I am an RN working at a teaching hospital and I work with people who have poor hand hygiene and in some cases other serious issues,” says Rosalie G. of Washington state. “Since I started taking Del-Immune V, two things have happened. I haven’t gotten the flu or any upper respiratory infections, though they’ve run rampant through my ward (and were even more of an issue when I worked in the emergency room while I was in nursing school, checking in patients and touching their paperwork).”

In many ways, the closed environment of an airplane cabin or a hotel room is similar to that of a hospital, offering a prime setting for dangerous microbes that may lead to sickness. Supplements for the immune system could be a strong defense against illness-causing microbes. “Last year my whole ward had to be quarantined due to some GI/diarrheal disturbance that just created havoc among our 30 patients, and several staff. Me? I’m fine,” continues Rosalie.

Del-Immune V nutritional supplements are the result of more than a half-century of scientific and medical research in Europe and the United States. Doctors throughout the world have recommended Del-Immune V for their patients who travel due to ability to beneficially assist the immune system in its natural and crucial role as a defense mechanism.


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