Product Questions

DPS Throat Spray

DPS Throat Spray is a proprietary extract of bovine colostrum, know as “first milk”, that contains immune-enhancing factors called proline polypeptides that are essential in activating the adaptive immune system.

The immune-enhancing factors, proline polypeptides in colostrum are like walkie talkies for the immune system. They act as intercellular signaling molecules to modulate the activity of the immune system responses. This helps the body mount a coordinated response to each immune challenge.

Spray four pumps directly into the throat two times per day. Circulate liquid in mouth before swallowing.

Once opened, DPS Throat Spray should be refrigerated to maintain quality and freshness.

Unopened, DPS Throat Spray has a shelf life of two years from manufacture date. Once opened, refrigerated shelf life is 40-60 days.

DPS Throat Spray contains milk, but is gluten and soy-free, non-GMO, kosher, and Halal certified.

Yes. DPS Throat Spray is safe for all ages but it’s best to consult with your healthcare provider before starting any new treatment.