Innate and Adaptive Immunity for Survival and Good Health

Innate and Adaptive Immunity for Survival and Good Health

We know that frequent hand washing, containing a sneeze in a tissue, drinking plenty of water, getting adequate sleep and proper nutrition are all great ways to reduce our risk of contracting an illness. We can also reduce that risk by understanding a bit more about the human immune response. Within our immune systems, there are two branches that provide defense against infections: Innate immunity and adaptive immunity.

The innate immune system is the defense system with which you were born. The adaptive immune system is not present at birth; it is learned. 

A simple example of the innate immune response is demonstrated when we get a splinter under the skin. Within seconds, swelling, pain and redness appear, indicating an immune response. Swelling occurs when white blood cells arrive at the site and attack the foreign substance, in this case the wooden splinter and the bacteria it carries. Fluid collects at the site of the splinter causing pain and signaling that something has breached the body’s defenses. Redness demonstrates that immune reactions to initiate healing have begun.

Adaptive immunity, also called specific immunity, tailors its attack to a specific antigen previously encountered. It has the ability to learn, adapt and remember. Take, for example, vaccinations. They teach our immune systems to produce antibodies to certain diseases without actually getting the disease. This is adaptive immunity. However, viruses often mutate. Our bodies may develop antibodies to one form of a virus, but those antibodies would be useless against a mutation of that virus. Some viruses, such as seasonal bugs, mutate constantly. This is why it is so challenging to the Centers for Disease Control in updating each year’s vaccines.

del-IMMUNE V® is a fast-acting, immune supplement derived from the cells of a unique probiotic strain, Lactobacillus rhamnosus DV - NRRLB-68023. It activates the body’s immune system response and duplicates the immune action that occurs naturally in the intestine. It is a metabiotic that supports and regulates the immune system against acute health threats.* When it was originally discovered and researched, this strain demonstrated broad-spectrum immune support activity. When ingested, del-IMMUNE V has been shown to quickly stimulate the immune response, making it more robust without side effects or potential complications that may occur with prescription medications. It supports the body's innate and adaptive immune responses and is safe and effective for daily and prescriptive use.

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